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Initial Consultation: 30-60 minutes - $99-175


Subsequent Chiropractic Visits: 10 minutes - $30-49

Subsequent ART Visits: 20-30 minutes - $60-75

Nutritional Counseling: 10-30 minutes - $30-75

Massage Therapy/Bodywork: 60-120 minutes - $75-150

We also offer package discounts as well as student discounts and military discounts.

We have made the decision to opt out of any managed care networks because we have discovered routine care can often be delayed, restricted or denied. The often cumbersome authorization requests and extensive paperwork involved drive up costs. In managed care we found less about the “care” and more about the “managed.” We prefer to work directly with and for you.

Although we are on a cash basis, you may request a superbill to submit to apply to your insurance for out-of-network deductibles, however, payment is due at the time of service.

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